Won't lie. Sometimes I'm really happy about it, but sometimes being in a relationship annoys me to no end. Because I feel so...bound. He seems to think it his right to budge in on any and every conversation I have online in public. I no longer get to talk to others without him trying to join in. He needs to be involved in everything I do. I feel like this happens a lot more often with male friends, could just be me. But honestly, I don't have private conversations with anyone, I don't feel comfortable with it, I hold all discussions in public and unfortunately this means this leaves them open to interruptions.

That's not all, it's as if he needs to keep talking to me even when I make it relatively clear I'm not interested to talk. I don't hate him but sometimes talking too much to one person over many years just makes you...sick of it, you know? It could happen with anyone. With my female friends, talking was always a reward, I have few chances to talk, and I rarely seek them out for conversation unless something pertinent demands it. They do the same. This is different. I feel obliged to talk even when I don't feel like it, which is majority of the time. I have felt harassed by less familiar people before. This response is not limited to people I don't know well.

I don't like this. It really bothers me. I feel like I'm being held on a leash. More than anything this has made me regret the relationship, but I know I'm never leaving it so I've resigned myself to just ignoring it when it happens.