After more than a year living with her, I have come to the conclusion that our current maid is kind of dirty, which results from laxness with chores.

I don't have clear evidence of the fact--maybe the fact that the tables are still oily after she has "cleaned" them, but that's the only clear evidence I have. But well...I began to notice this strange taste late last year, a taste that I began to taste frequently after drinking water from my cup. My cup had just been chipped so I assumed it was the taste of ceramic fragments. But then I began to wake up with that taste in my mouth, and that's when I knew it was bacterial.

It became worse; I tasted it more and more often, and then I began to taste it on my utensils as well. I continued to wake up with it on my breath. The connection dawned on me when I united the two observations: first of the taste, and second of the fact that she is a lazy housekeeper. Recently I've been growing increasingly paranoid about the sort of bacteria that are being allowed to multiply in our environment, but it's such a strange observation I doubt I can get anyone to take me seriously..

Why am I bringing this up now? Because I just drank a cup of tea, and it tasted like a cup of pure, concentrated Taste. And I found a strand of hair stuck to the side that probably belonged to her, because she was the one who made the tea. This worries me immensely.